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Empower communities to rise from a culture of desperation to one of restored hope and self-sustainability.


Be a catalyst toward self-sustainability for those in need. We empower communities to rise up by serving as facilitators of partnerships between communities and organizations to provide and improve healthcare, nutrition, education, and basic living conditions.

Statement of Faith

We believe and uphold the Apostles' Creed.

We believe it is our responsibility to live out Matthew 25:31 - 40 and achieve this by the services we provide directly to those in need with education, nutrition and medical support.

We also believe Matthew 28:16-20 and achieve this through local churches in the communities we serve in supporting discipleship and evangelism.


  • Taken over 2,000 people to our community
  • Built over 20 homes for needy families
  • Provided meals for over 1,000 students
  • Sent over 1,000 students to school
  • Established a health screening clinic
  • Provided clean water to the community
  • Established a 12 workstation computer lab

Help Restore Haiti provide meals, education and basic health needs.

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