Serving Opportunities

Restore Haiti accomplishes its mission by providing opportunities to individuals and organizations to partner with us. We break those down into three categories:



  • Prayer for increased growth of the individuals we are working with both spiritually, emotionally and financially along with safety and health.
  • There is no better way to understand what we are accomplishing as an organization than to take a trip to see the three communities we serve. We have a variety of trips each year with different themes including: Medical, Construction, Education and Gift Distribution. To learn more about taking a trip with another group or even getting a group of your own together check out our Trips page (Trips have been limited recently due to significant unrest within the country, we have started sending teams again, but are being very mindful of safety issues that might occur)
  • Serve projects are a great way for groups of individuals to gather together to help with the needs of our organization all while spending time with those you are in relationship with. To learn more about available projects visit our Projects page. Some examples of projects are here


  • We have all been gifted with different talents and while our threefold focus is Education, Nutrition and Healthcare we know there are many ways outside of even these areas that people can serve with their talents. Below is far from an exhaustive list of what talents we can benefit from and we would welcome your ideas on how you can use your skills to serve the people of Haiti.
  • We regularly have specialty trips with focus areas such as:
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Nutrition
  • Additional areas of focus that people have contributed their skills toward include:
    • Computer Technology
    • Crafts / Woodworking
    • Sewing
    • Musical
    • Business
    • Education clinics
    • Your talent here


Our goal is to provide everyone with an opportunity as it relates to giving financially. As such we have created three different default programs, but allow people to give in a wide variety of other ways as well.

Help Restore Haiti provide meals, education and basic health needs.

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