Sponsorship Programs

The core of Restore Haiti’s work is its sponsorship program, which focuses on partnering with local community leaders to impact the students in their area, and their families.


We strongly believe that in order to impact the next generation of leaders in Haiti we must provide an avenue for consistent education. In order to get a good education in Haiti, tuition, entrance fees, testing fees, and uniforms are all required to attend school.


As a part of our program, students in the primary and secondary school classifications are given access to an after school feeding program where they can come to receive a hot meal. For some, this supplements what their own family is able to provide, but for many, it will be the only meal they receive that day.


Health services are delivered through relationships with local practitioners who will not only be available for triage of immediate medical needs, but who will also work with our medical trip team members to and staff to conduct annual check-ups and document growth and overall health.

Sponsor a Child