Important Changes to Sponsorship Program

Dear Sponsors,

Since the sponsorship program began in 2007 and we have had a  steady rate of  $30 per elementary age student. As the students have grown, we have added secondary and scholarship students at $40 each so that they could continue on to the upper grade levels where the tuition and testing fees are higher. As we turn the corner of completing our 6th year of sponsorship, it is no secret that the changing economy and rising food costs have affected everyone, both here in the US and overseas.  With the growing number of children relying on our services of providing food and education over the years, we have seen the need to increase staff, replace supplies more frequently, and food costs rising. In order to continue to serve our students and their families well, keep the program running, and increase our interaction with our dedicated sponsors and donors, we have made the decision to increase our sponsorship rates by $3.00/month for everyone in the program. Although its a small amount for each sponsor, with all of us working together, this increase of funds will allow Restore Haiti to continue to do the important work we do to allow the program in Haiti to carry on, grow, and provide food, education, and medical care to those in such a great need, as well as look for ways to give more visibility and connection points to our sponsors in the future.

If you pay by check, you can simply increase the amount you send by $3 per student per month. If you are currently on our automatic monthly donation plan through paypal, a member of our team will be in touch with you to help make that transition. Our goal is to have this completed by March.

Thank you for your continued support! Restore Haiti remains dedicated to making the most out of every dollar given to us by our donors, and to continuing to be a bridge for you to impact the life of a child in Haiti.

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