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I wanted to take a second to thank you for being a part of Restore Haiti. You are receiving this letter because we feel you have played a major role in our community and might have a desire to continue to connect with us. We are very excited for the progress we have made with our community in Morne Oge. As with any project, you often start out intending to do one thing and that evolves in to more. Have you ever worked to restore a room in your house and it only took you one trip to Home Depot? Probably not. Often once you start a home-improvement project, you discover more things you can do, another layer of paint that needs to be removed, a piece of wood that needs to be replaced once you uncover what’s underneath. This is what we have found with Restore Haiti- the deeper we go the more the cost, the more the need, the more invested in to restoring this community we have all become. As someone who is invested in restoring this small piece of Haiti, I want to invite you, your community and your church/organization to join us for our next steps as we ‘Go Deeper’in 2013.

Let me explain what I mean by ‘Go Deeper’. Because of the growth we have experienced with Restore Haiti, we have learned we need to take some additional steps to continue to move forward and grow as a healthy organization. Our project in Haiti is strong- the projects we set out to start and support at the very beginning are being funded and moving forward as planned, and now we need to establish strong roots so that we can continue to grow and make an even deeper impact in Morne Oge. There are a few areas where we are going deeper but in order to do that we need financial assistance. The Restore House has 8 teen girls who are in need of more assistance, Jackson who lives at the Restore House needs additional care. There are children, who are sponsored, but need additional help above and beyond basic care, such as medicines or clothing. When the Tap tap needs repaired or the generator breaks this creates a financial gap. The list of ‘unexpected’ needs can go on and on as you know. We are looking for those who will help us build an account to pay for these types of expenses, and we are looking to be able to dedicate more time and energy in to going deeper in to the lives of those we serve.

To that end, we are excited to announce that we are going to be hiring our first stateside full time employee. Many of you may not be aware that, to date, Restore Haiti has worked as an all-volunteer staff. Every member of our Haiti team has a full time job, and spends hours in the evening and on weekends working on tasks to keep Restore Haiti up and running. We feel that by hiring a staff member, it will allow Restore Haiti to grow to make an even greater impact, have a more effective sponsorship program, and better prepare teams for their upcoming trips. We see this as an essential step to seeing the project in Haiti become even greater than it ever has been! Additionally, we want to continue to grow our staff of Haitian team members who run the day-to-day operations in Morne-Oge, ensuring our long-term sustainability and overall effectiveness in the community where we are planted. Pastor Lafleur is another person who has never received personal finances for his work, we feel that this needs to change as well in 2013 and are looking to compensate him in a small way for the service he has provided. I think you all agree this is something that should be done.
What am I asking of you? To join the “Restore Haiti Community”. We are looking for those who will commit to a year of monthly donations to help the community grow on an ongoing, consistent basis. These funds will be used to help Restore Haiti “Go Deeper” in 2013 and beyond. By joining this Restore Haiti Community of supporters, we will be able to meet the needs that arise day to day in Haiti and those that arise out of being a 501c3 in good standing here in the United States. This special fund will ensure we have the ability to continue to transform Morne Oge by providing food, nutrition, medical care, homes, and jobs to the people in that community.
Please click on the link below to sign up to join the community of supporters. We have a large goal and are looking for those who can pledge to give $10, $25, $100 a month, or whatever you choose, to help us Go Deeper in 2013. After signing up, one of our Restore Haiti team members will follow up with you in the next few weeks to help you get started. Any amount, large or small, will help as we all work together to transform lives in Haiti.
To join, click here.
Thank you for your help!
Philip Peters
Restore Haiti President

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