Through the eyes of a September Trip member


We landed in Port au Prince and traveled approximately 4 hours to Jacmel. I had only been in Haiti a total of 8 hours upon my arrival and in this short amount of time, I was overwhelmed by the insurmountable poverty. I lay in bed that night thinking to myself……”only God can change this country”.

I awoke the next morning to participate in the first full day of planned activities, and by that evening, I saw plainly how God is going to change the country of Haiti. Here is how I saw it:

Our Mighty God chooses to reveal Himself in this world thru His faithful followers. As we serve our God, we become a “moving portrait” of His Love and His Grace. The people who participate in this organization are servants of God and they have the mind of Christ. They seek the good of others. This organization called “restorehaiti”……sees the BIG PICTURE…..they look away from themselves and choose to serve God for His Glory and His Purposes. Haiti may be a small country, but it has a gigantic need. Where does a person begin? It begins small, in the hearts of 2 people, willing to serve God. It continues to build, one heart at a time, until many hearts, (one heart from Haiti and one heart from abroad)……. join in the cause……to see Haiti restored, which in turn, glorifies The Living God.

This charity is building upon the Rock. On this foundation comes the practice of pure religion and the building up of family. The father is lovingly encouraged to “step up” in providing and participating in the family unit. Marriage is a blessing of God and is a requirement in order to live in one of restorehaiti’s wonderful homes. The family unit is strengthened and as a result, the community grows stronger. Education for the young is essential. This ministry is growing “leaders” for the country of Haiti. Thru these leaders, God will move to heal this impoverished country.

In closing: I saw God’s love given….. I saw God’s love received….. and I saw God’s love shared. It was an incredible life changing experience and I thank God for allowing me to see His Glory in the people of Haiti and in the people I served along side.
Patty Lahey (alias–mama Pat)

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