The Power Of The Holy Spirit

So many amazing things are happening while I’m here …. I’ve seen 2 houses finished , a kitchen for the feeding program that is nearly finished … God is truly blessing this community and it’s awesome to witness in the time that I have been here this summer …  Another highlight of my trip , I was sitting in the foyer at the house with Pastor and we were watching a Hillsong United DVD …. It got to a quiet part and he looked at me and said do you mind sharing the message tomorrow in church … At first I was shocked , because I had nothing written down or anything to go by … But the Holy Spirit immediately took over I said yes I would love to …. So that night I found myself staying up pretty late diving into scripture and finding the right words to say … I shared about the power of the Holy Spirit and what he has done in  my life , I gave some scriptures to go along with the examples given …. I then asked the congregation if they had anything that was tying them down and keeping them from experiencing the fullness and goodness of the father ,if they did I encouraged them to lay their burdens at the feet of Jesus and to be done with the junk that was attacking them ….. In closing I prayed over the congregation …. When I stepped off the stage I felt very charged up , I began to give God praise for what he had just done  You see I’ve always struggled with speaking in front of large groups , This message came out with “ease” … God is so good !!!! When I went to sit down Pastor said a few words and they began to play “Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture …. I had my head down in continuous thankfulness for speaking through me …. As I looked up 3 men had come to the front of the church …. All 3 accepted Jesus on Sunday !!!!! Praise Jesus !!!  Really hard to believe that this trip is coming to an end but so overjoyed at what God has done on this trip , And super stoked that I got to be a vessel of encouragement to a few folks while I’ve been here ….  Until next time God Bless!!!!

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