Christmas Gifts Due Nov 5th!

Restore Haiti is ready to receive your Christmas gifts! We know it feels early here in the U.S. but with the way shipping works we are already approaching our Christmas gift deadline. We are collecting gifts for your sponsored child, and also need several hundred more gifts for children in the community who are NOT sponsored! Due to the large increase in sponsored children this year we are asking everyone to PLEASE stick with the following guidelines: · The gift must fit within a gallon size zip lock bag (yes you need to be able to close the bag) and it needs to be less than 2 lbs in weight. Restore Haiti reserves the right to remove some items that are overweight or oversize, so please try to work within these guidelines! · Please clearly label the bag with your name and your sponsored child’s name · If you can, send $5 to Restore Haiti to help us get it there! Please avoid dolls, guns/war toys, and skull/crossbones decorations on items. · ALL gifts must be received by November 5 in order to be included! You can mail your gift to Restore Haiti P.O. Box 680278 Franklin, TN 37068. If you are shipping using UPS/FedEx rather than the USPS please contact for an alternative mailing address. If you are able, we are looking for people who are willing to make up some generic gift bags for unsponsored children (same guidelines as above). If you would like to put together a few extra bags and send them along that would be wonderful! This is also a great project for church groups, offices, and schools to take on together. We are looking to ship 1000 gifts total. If you can mark the age range and gender that the gift bag is appropriate for on the outside of the bag that would be very helpful! We are accepting gifts for age 2 all the way through older teens. Some ideas of items you could include: note from and photo of you and your family, toothbrush/paste, hair ribbons, small hand held electronic games, deflated soccer ball and pump, gum/candy/packaged cookies, crayons/ markers, matchbox cars, jump rope, nail polish, stickers, McDonalds happy meal toys, etc…. For the older students journal/pen, socks, deoderant, tie, in addition to some of the items listed above (nail polish, hair items, soccer ball/pump) would be good choices. Thank you all for your willingness to provide a Merry Christmas for the children in the community of Morne Oge!!

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