• “Drops In A Bucket” by Sheila Harris (team member)
    When I said ‘Yes’ we would go on the mission’s trip, I never worried about finances, leaving my two younger boys behind, or any of the other 100 things that were needed to be in place for me and my two daughters to go. I knew this was of God and I knew He would make a way. I was so excited, I mean really,… read more
  • Introducing The Restore Haiti Blog!
    Hello Restore Haiti friends and supporters, We are so excited to announce the Restore Haiti Blog! This blog will function as a place for those who have experienced Haiti (whether through travel, sponsorship, or other supportive roles) and want to share that experience through writing. It is our hope that through storytelling, we will be able to illuminate the mission of Restore Haiti: to provide… read more
  • Coming very soon!!!
    Stay tuned to learn what Restore Haiti is up to.… read more

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